I have been hearing about this BBQ at Hotel Feliz from various sides throughout august. On one hand I thought “how special can any BBQ be?”, but on another I was curious, especially as the chef was meant to be Johan Engström, known for several successful ventures around Palma over the years.

Hotel Feliz is a small boutique hotel in Palma's recently revamped neighbourhood of El Terreno. It is a tall, narrow building, easy to miss if you are rushing past. Yet, once inside, this place feels stylish and welcoming, with mostly Swedish staff. BBQ area takes a corner of the terrace, with tables for 2-8 people surrounding the smallish pool. You pay up front at the bar, get your drink and your plate and are shown to your table. Any subsequent drinks are paid as you go.

When I got there, about 7.30pm, the starters and the side dishes were all laid out on several tables while Johan was busy preparing large cuts of all sorts of meat. I was pleasantly surprised by the variety of dishes on offer, from cold cuts garnished with fresh and dried fruit, and at least four types of bread rolls, to grilled mushrooms, corn on the cob, asparagus, tomato halves topped with melted cheese, crushed roast potatoes sprinkled with parmesan, and several mouth-watering salads. I loved watermelon and feta salad, with a mixture of sweet and salty tastes and crumbly and crunchy textures, so I went back for more a couple of times throughout the evening. Another dish that I have never seen before was a plate of jamon slices and halved passion fruits. I loved jamon with melon, but this was new - and the combination of flavours was absolutely sensational! Note to self: replicate at home!

I realise that I am talking far too much about all these incredible sides, but what about the meet? First, I tasted some of the best chorizo ever and thought that I needed to ask the chef who was his supplier. This was definitely not supermarket stuff.

Then there were some big juicy prawns, of which I also had more than one. Finally, I had several helpings of beef solomillo, perfectly crispy on the outside and tender, still pink, on the inside. People at my table also had some chicken breast and commented that it was excellent. And I think I saw some pork around too.

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I don't think that this event – which will likely continue every Friday throughout autumn - is hugely advertised. I first heard about it at a friend's dinner party where Johan was one of the guests and then from several friends who have been there and loved it. It seems that the crowd is gathered together by word of mouth, which is always great, as it attracts interesting people who all share passion for good food. I had a lot of fun at my table with a fellow writer, a painter/polo umpire and an art adviser. Great food, interesting company, lovely setting – what more does one need to be feliz!?


Avenida Joan Miró 74, Palma

Tel: 971 288 847

The Bill

Unlimited BBQ and the first drink 35.00 euros


BBQ on Fridays 7pm to 11pm