On a fresh but sunny winter day, there is nothing better (for me!) than going for a long walk by the sea, followed by a tasty meal. So, last week I walked from my home in Torrenova to Palmanova, all the way to the 'last beach'—the first if you're coming from Palma." A friend called me to say she was in the area, and we decided to grab a quick lunch at Il Chiringo Pizzeria.

Situated across the road from the beach, it benefits from not having sand all over the place, yet still provides a great view of the bay. I have eaten here several times and have my absolute favourite, so I was reluctant to try something new - a funny thing to say for a food columnist, but there you go! Orecchietti Chiringo is, on paper, a simple plate of pasta with mozzarella buffala, cherry tomatoes, basil, and pesto. But these ear-shaped bits of pasta are so incredibly delicious and pair so well with the fresh 'as Italian as can be' set of ingredients! The small, indented shape makes it perfect for scooping extra flavour into every bite. Usually, when I order pasta, I cannot finish a plate, but there is no such problem here. I scoff down every last bit of it, feeling just the right amount of fullness and experiencing zero bloating. I would probably go as far as saying that this is my favourite plate of pasta on this island!

My friend, meanwhile, opted for Parmigiana con berenjena, also called 'parmigiana di melanzane,' 'melanzane alla parmigiana,' or 'eggplant parmesan.' This Italian dish, made with fried, sliced eggplant layered with cheese and tomato sauce, then baked, is claimed by the Southern regions of Calabria, Campania, Puglia, and Sicily. Other variations found outside Italy may include chicken, veal, or another type of meat cutlet or vegetable filling. Hers was a classic version, rich and full of flavour, yet light. We enjoyed trying each other's dish as both were excellent.

For dessert, we agreed to share just one, not to overdo it, and chose a classic Tiramisu. It arrived served in a jar, with layers of ladyfingers generously infused with coffee, and mascarpone, sugar, and egg cream that were light, creamy, and utterly satisfying. At some point, we considered ordering another jar but decided against it in the name of 'not overdoing it. My friend ended the day with a tiny cup of strong espresso, like a true Italian, while I was content with the flavor of tiramisu lingering in my mouth a little while longer..

This place is a sister company to the nearby Il Chirringo Beach and the menu is similar, but not identical. I love their décor, where shabby chic meets modern elements, and their service is usually friendly, with plenty of Italian phrases thrown into conversations in either English or Spanish, adding to the charm of the place and the experience. Both places are open way after the official end of the season and between them cover most of the winter. Living in a touristy area has its advantages and disadvantages, like anywhere else, but I absolutely adore this time of year when there are no crowds, the days are still sunny, and you get to chat with staff a bit more, as well as connect with more locals at neighboring tables. On weekends, some Palmesanos venture out here, but on any given weekday, this is 'as good as it gets' for me! If only more places found it worthwhile to remain open all year round!?


Il Chiringo Pizzeria
Passeig Mar, 20, Palmanova
971 23 46 89

Instagram: @ilchiringopizzeria


Monday to Sunday 12pm to 11.30pm


Parmigiana con berenjena 13.50 euros
Orecchietti Chiringo 16.00 euros
Tiramisu 6.00 euros