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Food and drink

Eating Out in Mallorca: Karibu Beach

Some of the plates we have tried are not on Karibu's standard menu; the chef gets inspired and creates different dishes daily…

Mia Naprta19/09/2023 15:51

Food and drink

Eating out in Mallorca: Superfood Garden - Palmanova

Since I first went there a couple of months ago, it has become my weekly “go to” place - alone, with friends or work colleagues.

Mia Naprta21/03/2023 10:47

Food and drink

When in doubt order a pasta in Palma

It’s amazing how simple changes here and there can convert a ubiquitous recipe into something we’ve never seen before.

Andrew Valente22/10/2022 16:17

The yakitori chicken was worth a 10 and a large sampan full of gold medals.

Food and drink

Besiki Sushi: This yakitori was truly hunky dory

The yakitori chicken at Besiki Sushi was like a master cook’s lesson on how this dish should be done.

Andrew Valente19/06/2022 08:45