In this column I am typically reviewing cocktails made in bars of Palma or along the south west coast of Mallorca, but this time I will make an exception. Last weekend I was invited to Golf Son Muntaner for Mallorca Ladies Golf Open tournament, courtesy of The islander Magazine I also write for. While enjoying high end hospitality by Arabella Golf and desserts provided by Castell Son Vida, I also came across a cocktail I just have to tell you about!

There was a gorgeous drinks station by St-Germain in our VIP area and the guests were treated to one of the tastiest cocktails I have ever tried. Made with 40ml of St-Germain elderflower liqor, 60ml of Prosecco Martini Brut, 60ml of soda and a twist of lemon, and served in a simple wine glass, the drink was, sweet, refreshing and absolutely delicious!

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It was a perfect treat on a warm November day, but I could imagine drinking it any time of the year as well. Doing a bit of further research I found that St-Germain is a “premium French liqueur known for its delicate and floral flavour profile, primarily derived from elderflower blossoms”. Apparently, these small, white flowers are handpicked once a year during a short spring season. The resulting liqueur is bright golden yellow colour. Its intense, floral and herbaceous aromas that appear alongside subtle fruity notes of grapes and light citrus touches (grapefruit) and its fresh flavour that evokes tropical fruit, pear and citrus, with notes of honeysuckle help it to transform simple cocktails into refreshing, complex beverages.

Look out for this tasty treat in a bar near you and reach out to let me know what you thought of it.

Till next time – cheers!