For my Eating out columns, I am staying in my neighbourhood for another week, this time taking you one of the locals’ favourites: Sakana. I came with a friend from Minorca about 7pm on a weekday, on a cold December night, and the place was almost full. I imagine that on the weekend, even this time of the year, the reservations might be necessary. Both of us had a bit of a cold, so we ordered couple of pots of mint tea and were impressed with the way it was served and its quality. While we were musing over their extensive menu, the waiter brought us a couple of bites “on the house”. We got salmon rose pate and, surprisingly, it was slightly spicy, but very tasty indeed.

The interior of Sakana adds to its inviting atmosphere, combining elements of traditional Japanese aesthetics with modern design, with solid dart table and super comfortable brown leather chairs. The use of natural materials, subtle lighting, and minimalist decor contribute to a serene and sophisticated ambiance. This setting is perfect for enjoying a meal that tantalizes the senses. Having carefully studied the menu, Alex and I decided to order three dishes to share in order to maximise our experience of the restaurant’s flavours.

We started with a Chicken Satay with Peanut Sauce, a popular Southeast Asian dish, consisting of tender, marinated chicken skewers, grilled to perfection. The chicken was infused with a blend of spices and herbs, offering a burst of flavours and accompanied by a rich, creamy peanut sauce. The dish combines sweet, savoury, and slightly spicy notes, making it a delightful appetizer or main course for someone less hungry than we were that day.

Our second choice was Beef Noodle Soup. The other choices of the same soup were chicken or prawns, but we opted for a richer flavour, hoping to warm up more. This dish featured a flavourful broth, simmered for hours to extract the deep, complex flavours. The soup included tender slices of beef, perfectly cooked noodles, and a variety of fresh vegetables. We struggled a bit to divide it equally between the main and the extra bowl we asked a waiter for and laughed a lot in the process. However, once we tucked in, we were delighted by the harmony of savoury broth, succulent meat, and the comforting texture of noodles, generously garnished with coriander and chilli.

Our final savoury dish was Sizzling Beef: Imagine thinly sliced beef, marinated in a savoury sauce, stir fried with vegetables, and served on a sizzling hot plate. The presentation of the dish that preceded tasting it was just as exciting! This was a perfect sensory delight, with the aroma of the sizzling beef and the sound of the dish still cooking as it's brought to the table. The beef was tender, the vegetables crisp, and the sauce rich, balance of flavours, getting stickier and stickier as it cooled down.

Apple Pie for dessert: Although not typically Asian, an apple pie gets my juices flowing wherever I go and I was looking forward to trying Sakana’s version of it. It featured tender, thinly sliced spiced apples encased in a thin flaky, buttery crust, sprinkled with a hint of cinnamon and possibly nutmeg. It was served warm, with a dollop of whipped cream - a comforting end to a great meal.

All in all, I loved my experience at Sakana and would definitely recommend it to anyone venturing out of Palma or coming from the other side of the island. I just remembered that this was another friend’s son’s favourite sushi place on the island, so I would say definitely give it a go if you love either sushi or South East Asian cuisine in general!


Sakana Sushi, Noodle & Grill House
Av. de la Platja, 7, Palmanova
971 68 10 05

Instagram: @sakanacalvia


Monday to Sunday 12pm to 11pm


Chicken Satay 13.00 euros

Beef noodle soup 14.50 euros

Sizzlinig beef 18.50 euros

Apple pie 7.50 euros