The chicken was delicious and tender, falling off the bones as I picked it up. | Mia Naprta


This past weekend I felt more homesick than I felt in a long time. It is the time of the carnival in Palma, and I nostalgically thought of this time of the year back home. It would have been so nice to go to my mom’s in Croatia for a Sunday lunch and come back the next day in time for the next work meeting.

Fast forward a couple of days and I am sitting at UMI Coffee & More, a stylish café on Via Argentina, popular with colleagues from Mallorca Bulletin and Ultima Hora. I was there to check out their menu del día. Imagine my surprise when I spot on the menu exactly what I would have had at my mom’s on any given Sunday: beef soup, roast chicken and apple strudel! By the time the efficient young waiter was telling me about their dessert options, I started thinking that someone was pranking me and that either one of my best friends from back home or my mom would come out of the kitchen…
Before the soup, the waiter brought out a warm bread roll, made with integral flour and some sort of herby alioli. Alioli was slightly runnier than others I was used to, but still tasty.

I smelled the beef soup even from several feet away. A generously sized bowl was filled with a clear soup, pulled beef, chunky carrots, leeks and fine egg noodles. It tasted like home, care and love.

Next up, I had a big portion of roast chicken – a leg and a thigh – covered in a flavourful gravy with chunks of red pepper and onion and served with a couple of handfuls of French fries. The chicken was delicious and tender, falling off the bones as I picked it up. Another satisfying course…

As I had a couple of columns to draft, I asked the waiter to hold off my dessert for a little while and had a coffee instead. This was also good, and I was happy to hear that they offer plant based “milks” as well as dairy. I heard from colleagues that breakfast was also excellent here with plenty of healthy and filling choices.

Finally, I enjoyed a very generous slice of apple strudel served with vanilla sauce and decorated with a fresh raspberry, which added a burst of colour to this plain dessert. Normally, I am not a fan of vanilla sauce, but it was pretty tasty here, and went really well with the crunchy, not overly sweet strudel.

By the end of the meal, I was still somewhat surprised that I found exactly what I craved from the Balkans in a random little café right in the centre of Palma. But, as my friend who believes in energies would say: “Manifest it, my friend!” Now, I just need to manifest some good, winning lottery numbers and life in Mallorca will be even better!


  • UMI Coffee & More
  • Avinguda de l’Argentina, 14, Palma
  • Tel: 871 17 76 08

Instagram: @umicafepalma

The Bill

  • Menu del dia - 12.90 €
  • Dessert - 3€ extra

Opening hours

  • Monday & Tuesday 9am to 4pm
  • Wednesday to Saturday 9am to 6pm
  • Sunday closed

The Verdict

Delicious, home-made menu del día that could have just as well come from your mother’s or grandmother’s kitchen. Stylish setting and efficient service. Brilliant value for money!