Long queues at Palma airport. | Majorca Daily Bulletin reporter

Central government in Madrid needs to take some rapid action to solve the problems at passport control for British arrivals at Palma airport.

A lack of staff is causing long queues and the chaos being caused at the airport is attrcating bad headlines in the UK and elsewhere in Europe, damaging Mallorca's image.

Headlines such as: UK visitors face 'horrdous' enBrexit queues at Spanish holiday airports or Spain hotels fear Brits will boycott Mallorca due to huge airport queues are running across the UK while Euronews ran with Mallorca airport on verge of “collapse” after weeks of long queues.

Despite a meeting between the various authorities back in April about the need for more police at Palma airport, opposition parties were critical about nothing having been done and that there is a lack of state police in the Balearics due to the high cost of living and the fact that the financial bonus for members of the security forces moving to the Balearics to work being far from sufficient to cover their costs.

More police are needed to handle arrivals from the UK because, as a result of Brexit, they now have to have their passports stamped on arrival and departure.