Express departure parking time has been reduced in Palma. | Majorca Daily Bulletin reporter


The free express parking at departures at Palma airport has been reduced from 15 minutes to kust ten, after that, people will have to pay.

The Spanish airport authority Aena has reduced free parking time in the express car parks at departures across the airport network, including Palma.

The news has not gone down well, especially when comes to dropping off elederly people who need more time.

Aena sources have said that the decision on the grounds that "it has been proven that 10 minutes is enough time for passengers and their luggage to board and disembark".

In addition, they said that "the reduction of time in the express car parks allows more people to use the service and ease congestion".

The free parking time in the arrivals express car park remains at 15 minutes, as Aena has considered that it is necessary to have more time to pick up passengers arriving at the airport than to drop them off - especially during the current airport chaos.