Strikes were one ingredient that caused flight disruption. | Teresa Ayuga


According to figures from the air passenger rights organisation Airhelp, more passengers were affected by flight delays and cancellations at Palma Son Sant Joan than any other Spanish airport this summer.

Between May and August, Airhelp puts the figure at 1,823,607, ahead of Barcelona-El Prat (1,419,996) and Madrid-Barajas (1,268,245). This is attributed to the fact that Palma had more low-cost flights than these other two airports, with easyJet and Ryanair flights having been affected in particular.

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For all airports in the Aena airports authority network, there were 31.8 million passengers, and 8,240,000 of them suffered delays or cancellations. At Palma, the total passenger number was 5,120,790.

Fifth in the ranking was Ibiza, where 435,245 passengers had delays of more than 15 minutes and 13,524 had their flights cancelled.

In terms of cancellations alone, Airhelp puts the passenger figure for Palma at around 50,000, slightly lower than Barcelona with 60,000. Palma, as is usually the case, had the third highest number of passengers behind Madrid (over six million) and Barcelona (5.3 million).