The recovered luxury watch. | Guardia Civil

The Guardia Civil has charged a man, of Italian nationality, with the theft of a watch valued at 25,000 euros, which has been recovered and returned to its owner, in the area of the security filters at Palma airport on September 29.

The complaint was filed on the same day that the events occurred.
A man who was about to travel from Palma to Galicia told the police that a luxury watch had been stolen from him and that it had to be at the security filters at Son Sant Joan.

The agents began an investigation and managed to identify the possible perpetrator of the robbery.
He was an Italian citizen who had gone to Naples after spending several days in Mallorca.

Upon learning that the Guardia Civil was on his trail, the suspect presented himself at Palma airport and handed over the watch, which has since been returned to its legitimate owner.