Long queues at Palma airport this morning. | Majorca Daily Bulletin reporter


Britons spent at least two hours to get through security and then passport control at Palma airport this morning (Friday).
One family destined for Manchester on an 11.50am departure flight, arrived at the airport at 8.50am.

Fortunately they did not have to check in as they only had hand luggage, but they spent at least two hours in long queues to firstly get through the security checks and then passport control.
They told the Bulletin that at passport control, once they had got through the long queues, they used the e-gates, but then had to queue again to have their passports stamped.

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They said that on arrival last week, they had to wait over half an hour to get their passports stamped.
Security staff deny they are on a work-to-rule while the airport authority AENA said this morning that the situation is “fluid” after the early morning rush of Real Mallorca fans flying to Seville for tomorrow’s cup final.

The alleged work-to-rule has been going on since the start of the Easter holidays and UK airlines have been advising passengers to get to Palma airport at least three hours before their flights.

Some Real Mallorca fans have also complained thaty their flights have been over booked and they have lost their seats.