Industrial action is going to cause problems for Britons flying to the Balearics and Spain this year. | Majorca Daily Bulletin reporter


Every year, French air traffic controllers go on strike which has a massive impact on flights from the UK to the Balearics and across Spain because the vast majority of flights have to go through French air space. What is more, part of French air space is being closed this year for repair work to a number of control towers.

And in Spain, the USCA and CCOO unions have decided to call a strike of air traffic controllers in 16 Spanish airports where the control towers are privatised and one of those is Ibiza and much of the strike action, for the moment, is being held this month.

Ryanair, for example, has warned of “significant” disruption to air traffic control across Europe this summer, highlighting it as “a major challenge”.

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Central and Eastern European airspace is congested because of the war in Ukraine, but Ryanair chief executive Michael O’Leary insists air traffic control (ATC) strikes pose the greatest threat of disruption.
O’Leary warned of this spring and summer: “We expect significant air traffic control disruption.

“The big issue is the impact of strikes. French air traffic control strikes started on January 19 this year. ATC strikes will be a major challenge in the summer and cause a lot of delays.”

Plus there is the issue of UK Border Force industrial action.