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Campaign to scrap the 90/180 day rule is gathering momentum.

Campaign to scrap the 90/180 day rule is gathering momentum.

Campaign to scrap the 90/180 day rule is gathering momentum.

Majorca Daily Bulletin reporter 14/01/2023

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Taxing times for non-residents in Mallorca

At the end of December 2022, the dreaded "Great Fortunes Solidarity Tax" came into force in Spain, and the Wealth Tax Law has been amended.

Majorca Daily Bulletin reporter10/01/2023 12:57


New year, new man: Aiming to be as fit as a butchers dog!

Gymnasia all across western Europe have started emptying themselves of their brand new clients.

Frank Leavers07/01/2023 19:08

Ian Bonsall.


In the ring with Ian Bonsall: "Challenge yourself in 2023 to step outside of your comfort zone"

The Find Your Inner Gladiator event asks for volunteers to take part in 10 weeks of free training to then participate in a fight night to raise money for the Cancer Support Group.

Vicki McLeod27/12/2022 11:45

The YGB team: Paddy, Nick, Anne, Aila and Louise.


"It’s a different life on the other side of the paseo..."

“We get to be Santa Claus with other people's money! But without the cooperation of the Superyacht crews and businesses we would not be able to help.”

Vicki McLeod18/12/2022 13:25


U.S. President and us

Thankfully, Clinton did show up and he went on walkabout around Valldemossa. Our second edition was a big success.

Jason Moore28/11/2022 12:14

Rafael Nadal spoke to the press about being a father in Chile.

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Nadal opens up on being a father and admits he is sleeping less

“I am living naturally, I’m a regular father who experiences emotions and happiness, trying to enjoy every moment spent with my son.”

Humphrey Carter25/11/2022 10:50

Photos by C. Scholey.


Senses 6Points ride Ibiza and Formentera

Thanks to the 6Pointers raising donations from their friends and family, this year's rides have raised enough money to bring the total raised for their chosen charities to over €35,000 - an absolute record.

Oliver Neilson01/11/2022 10:32