There have been numerous incidents in the past. | Miquel À. Cañellas


The president of the Balearic Transport Federation, Rafael Roig, is insisting that action must be taken against pirate transport at Palma Son Sant Joan Airport. Over the Easter period, he says that there has been a "massive" presence of pirate operators. The federation has denounced this situation to the regional transport ministry, stressing that "order must be imposed before the summer season starts so as to avoid tension".

Petra Mut, the federation's manager, explains that the complaint was filed last Monday. The ministry and other authorities need to "eradicate this illegal activity". "We are asking the government to be as forceful as possible so that regulations are complied with and therefore avoid a serious problem at the airport."

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This pirate transport includes taxis, minibuses and private cars, Mut claiming that transfers websites are used to offer services, for which a five per cent commission is paid to the websites. The government, she says, needs to take appropriate action, "as there is time to prevent this situation from escalating and causing confrontations". Pirate transport with private cars "is totally illegal and violates all current regulations, because they do not have a ministry transport card and pirate taxi drivers do not have taximeters".

Roig adds that "the problem has worsened due to the presence of individuals who wait for customers in the arrivals area with total impunity". "This can and will lead to serious problems with carriers who have permissions."

* Licensed Palma taxis at the airport are the only ones who can pick up without a prior booking. Other taxis and minibuses need to have a booking. Private cars are completely illegal. There have been numerous incidents over the years, including one when taxi drivers at the airport went on strike for several hours in protest at the presence of pirate operators.