Five years ago, Ryanair's then new hand luggage policy established that ensaïmadas could be carried without charge. | Archive


The Balearic government has stepped into the row about Ryanair charging for ensaïmadas to be carried as hand luggage.

The government has apparently demanded that there is no charge, spokesperson Iago Negueruela explaining that contact has been made with Ryanair to try and ensure that ensaïmadas are not treated as extra items of luggage.

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The minister has called an "urgent meeting" with Ryanair representatives that will be attended by Pep Magraner of the Balearic association of pastry chefs. Negueruela adds that the government's intentions are "to defend local product and avoid any type of discrimination by airlines".

Other airlines don't classify ensaïmadas as extra items. Ryanair has stirred up controversy by not allowing some ensaïmadas to be taken onto planes unless there is payment as extra baggage. However, decisions regarding this seem to be at the discretion of personnel.