"It's my first visit to Mallorca, on the first flight of the season," one of the passengers on the United Airways flight told the Bulletin this morning after arriving in Palma from New York.

"I am looking forward to enjoying Mallorca," he said. The Bulletin called on U.S. tourists waiting for the Palma flight at Newark Airport to send us a selfie in return for a prize on our website. We had a number of entries and they were all looking forward to their visit to Mallorca.

"It was a smooth and excellent flight," he said, shortly after arriving at Palma Airport. In all, the schedule has been extended by three weeks, while the number of seats over the period has been increased by some 2,000 to 14,000; there are three flights a week rather than the two last summer.

The United service clearly isn't the only supplier of North American tourists, but in the view of the city's hoteliers it is having a beneficial impact in contributing to reservations for upmarket, boutique hotels. The president of the Palma-Cala Major hoteliers association, Javier Vich, says that many of these hotels are fully booked and that this is thanks to visitors from North America. For some hotels, he adds, North America has become the main supplier market.