Queues at security on Wednesday morning. | Pere Bota


On Wednesday, Vueling was contacting passengers to offer them discounts of 250 euros on future flights if they changed from flights that were fully booked and departing from Palma Son Sant Joan Airport over the next few days.

Passengers were offered a list of alternative flights, mainly those closest to the one initially booked. Passengers were also given the possibility of not flying and requesting a refund.

Why was Vueling doing this? It was in order to try and minimise potential delays for passengers if there are repeats of the peak-time queues at security.

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Other airlines, e.g. Air Europa and Ryanair, have meanwhile been restating advice to check-in earlier than normal - three hours ahead of flights. Air Europa has drawn attention to "the long queues at security checks".

On Wednesday, there were again lengthy queues. These were in the morning. By the afternoon, according to the Aena airports authority, the situation was normal.

Security personnel employed by Trablisa continue to insist that they have not been taking go-slow actions and blame delays on the company and airport management's lack of organisation.