Queue for security on Friday morning.


Another episode of delays at Palma Airport security, and this time Real Mallorca fans travelling to Seville for the Copa del Rey final have been affected.

On Friday morning, passengers expressed concerns about missing flights to Seville, saying that they were queuing for more than half an hour.

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The airport management acknowledges that there have been "occasional queues of fifteen minutes" but that "fluidity" has quickly been restored.

This latest episode follows ones over Easter that led airlines to advise passengers to arrive at the airport three hours before their flights. The delays were said to have been caused by a work-to-rule by employees of the security company, Trablisa. This was denied by the workers' committee, which attributed the queues to a lack of planning to absorb peaks in demand on the part of the company and the airport management.

The queues over Easter were only evident at certain times on particular days; they weren't all day, but mainly in the morning.