The queue on Friday. | @PablisMallorca


Two hours; one hour; fifteen minutes. Depending on the source, these were the lengths of delays to get through passport control at Palma Son Sant Joan Airport from around half past midnight on Friday morning.

Passengers arriving from London suggested that there was a "giant two-hour queue", the National Police said that it was no more than one hour, while the airports authority Aena reckoned that long waits of this length of time hadn't occurred. "The maximum time was less than 15 minutes, which is within the norm."

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Aena, stressing that passport controls are the responsibility of the National Police, was able to agree with the police as to the cause. Flights arrived that hadn't been scheduled for those times. There had been delays and flights coincided. The police accept that there weren't enough officers on the shift for this eventuality.

But one passenger - Pablo (@PablisMallorca) - wondered why, with only two officers on duty, none of the machines were working. He stated in a post that there was a two-hour queue.