Queues over the easter break at Palma airport. | PERE BOTA


Monday saw the return of bustling activity at Palma airport, with queues forming at the departures security checkpoint. However, amidst growing concerns from travelers worried about potential flight delays, AENA remains optimistic. While acknowledging longer queues than usual, AENA attributes this to the convergence of multiple departing flights at once.

Despite these challenges, AENA reports that the average waiting times stood at approximately 20 minutes this midday. With a busy day forecast, consisting of 645 flights between arrivals and departures, the airport is bustling with activity.

Since the departure rush during Easter week, when travelers endured waits of up to two hours amidst rumors of a security staff strike—claims denied by Trablisa—the sight of queues have become more reuglar. In response to passenger frustrations, airlines are emphasising the importance of arriving early to ensure a smooth travel experience.