Passenger numbers in April increased by 400,000. | Juan Luis Ruiz Collado


On Monday, Ferran Rosa of opposition party Més insisted that the citizens of the Balearics have the right to a decent life and that there therefore has to be a reduction in the number of flights arriving at airports.

"Mallorca is no longer overcrowded, Mallorca is experiencing collapse," said Rosa, who called for an "urgent" reduction - one of the main measures for decreasing tourist numbers. "You cannot have airports that, year after year, break records."

Rosa attacked the airports authority Aena for exclusively thinking about dividends. "Twenty per cent of its profits come from the Balearic airports. Enough is enough."

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Més will be presenting a motion in the Balearic parliament to urge the Spanish government to reduce the number of flights and to put an end to private flights. The party also wants Madrid to halt expansion projects at the islands' airports.

The Balearic government will be urged to enter into negotiations with the Spanish government for regional participation in the management of the airports and the five state ports. "Having the keys to the entrance and exit doors of our house is essential."

Where Aena is concerned, Més want the Spanish government to reverse the privatisation. The government's share is currently 51%. The 49% private shareholding, the government has said, would make regional government involvement in managing the airports very difficult if not impossible. For at least 25 years, governments of both right and left in the Balearics have advocated such an involvement.