Sunrise is that unique moment that marks the beginning of a new day. The sun's position on the horizon occurs on two occasions each day, at dawn and at dusk. However, we tend to prefer the second one, when we are already awake and staying to watch the sunset seems an unbeatable plan. For this very reason, enjoying this spectacle of nature is an exclusive experience in many corners of Mallorca. During the month of September, the sunrise time is usually between 7am and 7.30am in the morning.

Specifically, on the island, the celestial body rises in the north and northeast. The instant, from the first rays of the sun until it completes its departure, takes approximately three minutes to finish. However, the play of light in the sky usually occurs minutes before the star is seen. To witness the sunrise, all you have to do is find a spot where you can see the horizon, so it is best to avoid built-up and mountainous areas. On the beach, you can opt for any of the large sandy beaches in the north, such as Playa de Muro or Playa de Alcanada. Or, if you are closer to the Levante, you can opt for the east coast, such as Cala Bona.

Another option to take in the starting point of the day can be from the top of a mountain. Near Alcudia, on Puig de Son Sant Marti, it is possible to enjoy incredible views of the bay of Alcudia and Pollensa. It is only necessary to set off in advance to reach the summit before the key moment. Another elevated area where you can watch the sunrise is the Capdepera lighthouse, which illuminates the narrowest point of the channel that separates the island from Minorca. From the Faro de Formentor lighthouse, you will also enjoy unforgettable scenery.