Blessing to the motor vehicles for Sant Cristòfol. | G. ALOMAR


This weekend features a vibrant array of events across Mallorca, from jazz and classical music to traditional fiestas and modern performances. Highlights include the Andreu Galmés Jazz Trio in Alaro, multiple Sant Cristòfol celebrations with parades and music in Arenal and Biniali, and various concerts in Palma. Other notable events include the Mare de Déu del Carme festivities in Cala Ratjada and Puerto Pollensa, featuring processions and DJ performances, as well as diverse cultural offerings like dance festivals, correfocs, and a flower power party in Puerto Portals.

CAMPANET. FERIAS. FIRA DE MAIG. Escarrufaverros. Los Dimonis de Campanet salen esta noche.
Dimonis Escarrufaverros in Campanet.

Friday, July 5

  • Alaro - 9pm: Andreu Galmés Jazz Trio. Son Tugores Park Amphitheatre. Free.
  • Arenal, Sant Cristòfol Fiestas - 8pm: Opening address; 10pm: Playback contest. Parc Joan Ferre.
  • Biniali, Sant Cristòfol Fiestas - 7pm: Procession with giant and pipers. 8pm: Opening address; 10.30pm: Comedy and music with Jaime Gili. Plaça Concepció.
  • Cala Ratjada, Mare de Déu del Carme Fiestas - 7.45pm: Procession with the band of music, band of cornets and drummers, giants; followed by children's entertainment. 11pm: Bands and DJs.
  • Campanet, Sant Victoria Fiestas - 8.30pm: Opening address. Cas Metge Dolç courtyard. 10pm: Correfoc; Dimonis Escarrufaverros (Campanet), Diables Valls d'Àneu (Lleida). Plaça Son Bordoi.
  • Colonia Sant Pere, Sant Pere Fiestas - 9.30pm: Benefit pa amb oli event. Plaça Sant Pere.
  • Felanitx - 9pm: Orgull (Pride) 2024; La Prohibida, Sor Estiercol, drag acts. Plaça Font de Santa Margalida.
  • Palma - 8pm: Joan Lainez (tenor), Francesc Blanco (piano); Puccini, Verdi. Museu de Mallorca, C. Portella 5. 18 euros.
  • Palma - 8pm: Los Estupendos Burruños and DJs. (Canamunt Fiestas). Plaça Llorenç Bisbal. Free.
  • Palma - 8.30pm: Deya International Music Festival. Josep Colom (piano); own works, Mozart, Bach, Chopin. Fundació Bartolomé March, C. Palau Reial 18. 30 euros.
  • Palma - 8.30pm: SimfoVents Palma. Bellver Castle. Free.
  • Porreres - 6pm: Xanguito, Nil Moliner and others. Parc de n'Hereveta, Camí Marina 29. 28 euros.
  • Puerto Pollensa, Mare de Déu del Carme Fiestas - 9pm: Opening address, Pollensa Choir. At the church. 9.30pm: Cinema on the beach.
  • Puerto Portals - 9pm: Sea & Love sixties flower power party; DJ Joan Ribas. Plaça Major. 65 euros.
  • S'Illot - 8pm: DanS'Illot; dance performances. Plaça Mollet and elsewhere. (Also Saturday and Sunday from 7pm.)
La Gran Verbena Mallorca in Alcudia.

Saturday, July 6

  • Alcudia - 7pm-4am: La Gran Verbena Mallorca; Xanguito, Sonia, Jaume Colombàs and others. Avda. Princeps d'Espanya. Free.
  • Alcudia - 8.30pm: Joan Lainez (tenor), Francesc Blanco (piano); Puccini, Verdi. Alcudia Auditorium, Plaça Porta Mallorca. 15 euros.
  • Arenal, Sant Cristòfol Fiestas - 7pm: Raising of the banner, procession with giants, pipers and folk dancers. From Plaça Major. 8pm: Havaneres concert with Gerrets de Vistalegre. Yacht club. 8pm: Folk dance show with various groups; 10pm: Folk dance for all, music by Roada. Plaça Major.
  • Biniali, Sant Cristòfol Fiestas - 6pm: Water party. At the sports centre. 9pm: Al fresco dinner in the streets.
  • Cala Figuera - 10pm: Santanyi International Music Festival. Javier Franco (baritone), Santanyi Festival Orchestra; Bizet, Puccini and others. Caló den Busques. Free.
  • Cala Ratjada, Mare de Déu del Carme Fiestas - 10pm: Correfoc. 11pm: Ánimos Parrec, Xavi Sarrià and others. The pier.
  • Campanet, Sant Victoria Fiestas - 10am: Traditional games. Plaça Major. 6pm: L'Amo i Sa Madona; procession with pipers from C. Cardenal Despuig. 7.30pm: Summer carnival; IPops and others. Plaça Son Bordoi.
  • Colonia Sant Pere, Sant Pere Fiestas - 11am: Vermouth event, with DJ and xaranga band. Paseo Marítimo. From 6pm: Night of Rock; Dr. Zhaska y la Banda Misterio, Peligro and others. Sports centre. Pay as you wish. 10.30pm: La Tinbrass Band. Plaça Sant Pere.
  • Lloret de Vistalegre - 7pm: Love es indie air; Hermoso vs. Vanrell, Eugesh. Sa Comuna. Free.
  • Palma - From 11am: Putilatex, Axl Sobron and various other DJs. Bulling (Plaça de Toros). 22 euros.
  • Palma - 4.30pm: MOD (Masters of Dance) 2024; hip hop, urban. Palma Auditorium, Paseo Marítimo 18. SOLD OUT. (Also Sunday.)
  • Palma - From 6pm: UFO State, Josh Calo and others, food trucks and bar (Canamunt Fiestas). Parc de la Mar. Free.
  • Palma - 7pm: Mery Cantos Duo (samba, bossa nova). CaixaForum, Plaça Weyler 3. Free.
  • Pollensa, Sant Cristòfol Fiestas - 8.30am: Gathering of trucks in the Can Bach parking, C. Cecili Metel. 8.45am: Address by the Sant Domingo Convent, followed by blessings of trucks. 10am: Snacks at Restaurant Monument and then convoy to Cala Sant Vicenç and Puerto Pollensa.
  • Porreres - From 7pm: Ivan MG, Isrra Romero and various DJs. Parc de n'Hereveta, Camí Marina 29. Nine euros.
  • Porto Cristo, Mare de Déu del Carme Fiestas - 6pm-midnight: DJs. Passeig Sirena.
  • Puerto Pollensa, Mare de Déu del Carme Fiestas - 9pm: 'Marinera' (seafarer) road race. Passeig Saralegui. 10pm: 'Marinera' party; The Beatless Tribute, Cabrón and DJs. Plaça Miquel Capllonch.
  • Sant Joan - 9pm: Anna Ferrer & Clara Fiol, Alidé Sans. Santuari de Consolació, Polígon Joan Mas i Mates. 15-18 euros.
  • Santa Ponsa - 10pm: Big Band Calvia (jazz). Santa Ponsa Cross. Free.
  • Sineu - 8.30pm: Sineu International Festival of Music; Gino Casteli (vocals), Camerata Deià. Sant Francesc Cloister, C. Sant Francesc 10. Five euros.
  • Soller - 7pm: Barry Sargent, Mayumi Sargent (Ensemble Tramuntana); Duel of Two Violins. Horta Church.
PALMA. MUSICA. La segunda cita del Origen Fest vino de la mano de Â'ElrowÂ' en Son Fusteret.
Origin Fest in Palma.

Sunday, July 7

  • Andratx - 10pm: Nits a la Fresca; Music from popular fiestas. Son Mas Cloister. Free.
  • Arenal, Sant Cristòfol Fiestas - 11am: Duck release and swim. Caló Sant Antoni. 6pm: Demon, pipers; jewel races. Plaça Nins. 10pm: Llucmajor Band of Music. Plaça Major.
  • Biniali, Sant Cristòfol Fiestas - 12 noon: Raising of the banner, vermouth event, jewel races. Plaça Sant Cristòfol.
  • Bunyola - 8pm: Art Vocal Ensemble. Soledad Cardoso (soprano), Begoña Gómez (mezzosoprano), Antoni Aragón (tenor), Joan Miquel Muñoz (baritone) Sant Mateu Church. 12-15 euros.
  • Cala Figuera, Mare de Déu del Carme Fiestas - 10pm: Santanyi Band of Music. Pier esplanade.
  • Cala Ratjada, Mare de Déu del Carme Fiestas - 7pm: Batucadas. Along the Paseo Marítimo.
  • Campanet, Sant Victoria Fiestas - 7pm: Just Dance; 9.30pm: Cinema. Plaça Son Puça.
  • Colonia Sant Pere, Sant Pere Fiestas - 7pm: Swim challenge. 7.30pm: Children's entertainment; 9.30pm: Folk dance and music with Esclafits i Castanyetes. Plaça Sant Pere.
  • Inca - 9pm: Inca Jazz 2024; Enric Pastor & Co. Sant Domingo Cloister, Avda. Germanies. Free; bookings, WhatsApp 647 740 385.
  • Palma - From 5pm: Origen Fest; Gordo, 999999999 and others. Trui Son Fusteret Showground, Camí Vell Bunyola. From 40 euros.
  • Porto Cristo, Mare de Déu del Carme Fiestas - 6.30pm: Martial arts festival. Passeig Sirena.
  • Puerto Pollensa, Mare de Déu del Carme Fiestas - 8.30pm: Folk dance with Aires de la Cala. Plaça Miquel Capllonch.
  • Sa Calobra - 5.30pm: Capella Mallorquina, University of the Balearic Islands, Sa Nostra Foundation choirs, Cap Pela (a cappella group). Torrent de Pareis. Free.