Cala Torta.

Cala Torta and Cala Mesquida

● At the northeast tip of Majorca, these two calas are relatively inaccessible from Palma (well over an hour by car) and are therefore comparatively lessmobbed than the beaches of the southwest.

Both have a wilderness vibe about them, Cala Torta in particular, and attract plenty of folk who prefer to feel the air on their bare bits without the restriction of swimwear - you have been warned. On the subject of warnings, the last stretch of road to Cala Torta isn’t so kind to low-slung sports cars, while the onshore waves and currents can be especially tricky at CalaMesquida.

But, don’t be put off, the rugged natural landscape of sand dunes and pine trees is stunning, and full of wildlife, and each beach has a little snack bar for a refreshing G&T.