It isn't exactly beach weather right at the moment. | Gabriel Alomar


With up to 90% of hotels in Calvia's resorts said to be open, the beaches are currently without their services.

Given the weather at present, a lack of sunloungers (for example) makes little difference, but the services should have been operational by now, and there is criticism of the delay in awarding concessions.

The town hall attributes this to the cyberattack last January that caused delays to various procedures and to a need to ensure "legal certainty" in respect of submissions made regarding the services.

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Last December, the town hall put the beach services out to tender; there were 14 lots in all. Challenges and submissions include one by environmentalists GOB to do with the Cala Cap Falcó beach bar; the Balearic government's coasts department has already had its say on this.

It is also maintained that some plans for services do not meet spacing requirements. In the tender document it was stated that specifications for facilities respect the beach environment and that, for instance, the maximum occupation does not exceed 45% of the beach surface.

The administration says that it hopes to resolve matters shortly so that the services can be operational.