Calvia Mayor, Alfonso Rodríguez; UK Ambassador, Hugh Elliott; Consul General Lloyd Millen; FEHM President, Maria Frotera & Javier Vich. | J. L. Ruiz Collado

British families are returning to Palmanova-Magalluf and Playa de Palma and boutique hotels in Palma are beginning to capture the luxury market in the UK.

Calvia Mayor, Alfonso Rodríguez, and his team met with the UK Ambassador, Hugh Elliott, and the Consul General, Lloyd Millen on Tuesday to analyse the tourist season and discuss the measures being taken to eradicate excess tourism. Ambassador Elliott also met with FEHM President, Maria Frotera, and Javier Vich.

Mayor Rodríguez, told ambassador Millen there is a will to work hand in hand, during a season that's expected to show significant recovery in the British market and without the Covid limitations of the two years.

"The City Council, the Government and the Consell will be inflexible in the application of the decree of excesses," said Rodriguez.

Frontera, and Vich said after the meeting, that they were very satisfied with how the second foreign issuing market to Mallorca has evolved since Easter.

"UK Family tourism has returned again, which is great news and to this must be added the total agreement between administrations and the private sector to achieve a change in trend and eradicate excess tourism."

The Balearic Government and the British Government have published a brochure to deliver to young British people who stay in hotels and tourist rentals in Mallorca.

"The message has to reach everyone to eradicate uncivil behaviour," said FEHM on Tuesday. The vice-president and president of the Hotel Association of Palma and Cala Mayor, Javier Vich.

"Palma is beginning to attract luxury tourism from the UK, specifically in boutique hotels, which is having a positive economic impact on restaurants, commercial, transport and leisure activities."