Calls for tougher controls on entrance to beach clubs. | Majorca Daily Bulletin reporter

The Balearic government wants to modify the Tourist Law so that empty hotels and hostels can be converted into social housing, homes for the elderly or offices in areas where there is a housing emergency.

When the PI party presented amendments to the law, it gave the Government the opportunity to to try to change some of the text. Owners of the obsolete hostels and hotels will have to take on all staff working in the establishments.

The government is also proposing modifications that will affect hotel expansion. The text already in force, which was approved by the Consell by way of a decree law, allows hotel expansion of up to 15% provided the number of beds is reduced by 5%.

The PI is proposing that the reduction in beds be proportional to the size of the hotel or the size of the extension instead, so that small hotels don’t lose out.

A third modification being negotiated is the possibility of establishing exceptions to changes in the number of beds, so that in some accommodations they are not increased.

The PI is proposing that this change should not affect agro-tourism and other establishments which are considered assets of cultural interest or catalogued assets.

There are two other proposals; Podemos wants to put an end to the proliferation of beach clubs in the Balearic Islands, especially in Ibiza, where neighbours have complained. During the pandemic the law was changed to allow under-16s to stay with their parents for free, but Més wants that changed to those under 12-years-of-age.