Can Picafort, where hotel occupancy was at its highest. | Archive


Figures for August from the National Statistics Insititute indicate that the Balearics had the highest hotel occupancy in Spain. At 89.8%, this was almost ten percentage points higher than the second region - the Basque Country with 80.3%. Of the other principal tourist regions, Catalonia registered 79.7%, Valencia 79%, the Canaries 78.2% and Andalusia 72.2%.

At a municipality level, Santa Margalida (Can Picafort) had the highest occupancy in the country - 98.1%.

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In terms of foreign visitors, overnight stays in the Balearics were 34.4% of the national total. Catalonia was second with 21.5%. For the Spanish market, the Balearics were sixth - 6.4% of the total. Andalusia headed this category with 23.7%.

For the country as a whole, British overnight stays were 26.3% of the total followed by German, 16.7%.