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This weekend, Palma Son Sant Joan Airport has 2,503 scheduled flights (arrivals and departures), which are up from 2,348 for the same weekend of 2019. Tour operators are saying that figures this October are certainly comparable with those of pre-pandemic years, demand being helped by school half-term holidays.

Hotels are forecasting average occupancy of up to 75% this month, with some of this due to continue into the first week of November. This is also linked to school holidays.

Of the two main foreign markets, half term in the UK is the week starting October 24, but in the case of Germany, depending on state, it has already started. In certain states - Bavaria and Berlin, for instance - half term extends into the first week of November. For another market, Sweden, half term does vary but in general it is the week from October 31.

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The pattern is therefore as it was pre-pandemic. This late-season demand affects the island's resorts differently. In some, there is activity into the start of November; in others it is already coming to an end.

The hoteliers federation has yet to give an indication as to how many hotels may be staying open beyond the first week of November, but the number will be low. Last year there was talk, mainly from the Balearic government, of a lengthening of the season up to Christmas. There wasn't.

Meanwhile, in another major Spanish holiday region, Valencia, the hoteliers have announced that up to 90% of hotels will be open throughout the winter. Of tourism centres in the region, the city of Valencia is anticipating that 100% of hotels will be open; in Benidorm 88%.