Fewer guests in November than in 2019. | Efe (Cati Cladera)


Average hotel occupancy in the Balearics in November was 43.9%. National Statistics Institute (INE) figures contrast this with 16.2% in November 2020 and 43.6% in 2019.

The total numbers of guests and overnight stays were, however, below 2019 levels. There were 87,513 guests in November, 54,844 of them from abroad, and 314,423 overnight stays. There were three times as many guests as in 2020 and six times more overnight stays. Compared with 2019, though, there were 26% fewer guests and 20.2% fewer overnight stays.

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The INE shows that 611 hotels closed in November and that 168 remained open. In 2020 there were 91 and in 2019 there were 196. There were 11,776 rooms and 23,832 beds. Despite the lower supply, the occupancy rate fell from 56.1% to 43.9% between October and November.

Mallorca hotels had 74,543 guests and 284,011 overnight stays in November, with Palma having accounted for 59,315 and 197,170 respectively.

Hotel prices in the Balearics were 26.9% higher than in 2020. The Balearics had the second highest price index in the country behind the Canary Islands. In the whole of Spain, hotel prices were up 24% compared with November 2020.