Juan Manuel Ordinas, director of the Hotel Teide in Playa de Palma, has apologised to neighbours for any nuisance that hotel guests may cause. This is the hotel where there have been reports about 'balconing' by German tourists and other complaints.

Ordinas says that he fully understands local residents' views. "We try to avoid these situations. But we have to be realistic and understand that this is a hotel full of young people who come to have a good time, to enjoy holidays with parties, fun and alcohol. People cannot expect that tourists don't drink."

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"At the hotel we apply the tourism of excesses law. All clients sign a form which states that if they balcony hop or engage in antisocial behaviour, they will be expelled. We have in fact removed several people for this reason. The problem is that we often only find out about this behaviour late and we can no longer do anything.

"When the neighbours come to talk to me, I always tell them the same thing. First of all, I apologise, but we must remember that we are in Playa de Palma and that the hotel and some residents are separated by only some ten metres."

He recognises that last year there was an incident when several drunk tourists got onto a neighbour's terrace, sat on his sofa and drank beer. The police responded and the matter was settled.