Some 1,500 people work in the sector. | Majorca Daily Bulletin reporter


Employers and unions in the laundry sector have reached an agreement and the indefinite strike that was due to begin tomorrow has been called off.

After an intense day of negotiations that began at 9.30 am both parties have reached an understanding that will avoid industrial action at the very peak of the season.

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The agreement includes a wage increase to 1,200 euros plus 50 euros for attendance bonus (currently 1,080 euros, the minimum wage).

The wage increases will start to be paid from next month, although it will retroactively include the month of July. Also, from 1 April 2024 it will be 1,300 euros.

The two days off per week, one of the so-called “red lines” in the negotiation, will be generalised, although some companies with less than 25 workers and with only a half-day activity will keep only one and a half days off per week.