A new eco-friendly approach in hotels. | Majorca Daily Bulletin reporter


Mallorcan hotel chain Iberostar has signed a deal with Gloop, an edible cutlery company, to purchase spoons, straws and coffee stirrers for its 35 tourist establishments across Spain, including the 15 located in Mallorca, and the two in Portugal.

The innovative cutlery products fulfill a double objective: on the one hand, they offer an original added value to their gastronomic offer and, on the other, they reduce the environmental impact of this type of utensils as there is no waste.

They “eliminate the use of wood and cardboard in the chain’s establishments”, the companies state in a press release, while Pepe Macías, corporate director of Iberostar, said that “customers are delighted” with the products.

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The cutlery is made using by-products from the food industry, mostly based on rice flour, and comes in flavours such as chocolate and biscuit in the case of the teaspoons, strawberry, lemon, mint, chocolate and vanilla for the straws. They can last up to 30 minutes without falling apart and they are vegan and gluten-free.

Gloop was born in 2020 by Marta and Hernán, two restless young entrepreneurs eager to do their bit for society and the planet.
After returning from a trip to India and concerned about the environment and the near future of the planet, they decided to embark on an adventure in search of a solution.

Carrying a backpack, they went in search of new opportunities.
It was there that we discovered this fantastic idea of edible cutlery and, since that day, they have been working on developing it in Spain.