Video by a resident of Arenal.


Residents in Arenal (Llucmajor) have been suffering for years from tourist anti-social behaviour, and the video here refers to clients of one hotel in particular on C. Antoni Maria Alcover.

The tourists in question are mostly young Germans. Residents claim that there is a complete lack of control. The hotel is accused of permissiveness in not preventing bad behaviour.

This is an example of how this adults-only hotel is advertised:

"Rest is of the utmost importance, and there’s nothing like our three-star hotel that can offer you essential comforts at an incredible price."

The reality, where residents are concerned, is an absence of rest because of 24-hour parties, shouting, drunkenness and drug-taking.

In Arenal, thousands of Spanish students are now arriving for their end-of-course holidays, a source of residents' complaints for years.