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Spanish students in Arenal, Mallorca

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Arenal - Tension on the streets and now come the Spanish students

The police have two separate special operations - one because of trouble caused by Algerians; the other because of the students.

Andrew Ede08/06/2024 07:21

Police in Playa de Palma, Mallorca

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Businesses attack tourism of excesses decree amendment

Playa de Palma business associations believe that the real problem is shops that encourage the drinking of alcohol on the streets.

Andrew Ede26/04/2024 17:30


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Jet2holidays signs Mallorca’s Responsible Tourism pledge

The UK’s largest tour operator has signed the pledge, which contains eight key points to help preserve the nature, values and beauty of Mallorca.

MDB DigitalJet2holidays18/04/2024 12:49

Drunken tourism; Magaluf, Mallorca


Tourism 2024: The year of living responsibly

The year when, and once and for all, there is a realisation that the future does not lie with an outdated booze-based touristic culture.

Andrew Ede07/01/2024 13:07

Mallorca responsible tourism pledge

Mallorca responsible tourism pledge

Stand design with the responsible tourism pledge.