The Gran Melià Hotel de Mar won the award for best resort in Spain 2024.


The annual Condé Nast gala took place on Wednesday, July 3 at Madrid's Florida Park, a glittering event where the spirit of tourism and glamour permeated the atmosphere. A notable highlight of the evening was the unprecedented tie in the Best New Hotel category, with the Grand Hotel Son Net in Mallorca and The Reserve at Savoy Signature in Madeira both receiving top honors, marking a historic moment in the gala's history.

In terms of gastronomy, Zoëtry Mallorca (pictured above) was recognised as the highest-rated venue, showcasing its culinary excellence and earning accolades for its exceptional dining offerings. Additionally, Mallorca further demonstrated its dominance in the tourism sector with wins in the Get-Away and Resort categories, reinforcing its position as a premier destination in the Mediterranean.

The gala was also marked by heartfelt moments during the presentation of the special #YoSoyTraveler editorial award, where David Moralejo and Divia Thani, influential figures at Condé Nast, delivered emotional speeches. They expressed appreciation to various individuals, emphasising the gala's cultural significance within Spain's broader tourism landscape.

The event concluded with further recognition for outstanding establishments. In addition to the historic tie for Best New Hotel, Zoëtry Mallorca's culinary triumph and The Lodge's distinction as the top Getaway Hotel near Formentor and Muro beach highlighted the diversity and excellence within Spain's hospitality industry.

The Gran Melià Hotel de Mar, situated off the coast of Illletas, capped off the evening by earning the title of best resort in Spain for 2024, reaffirming Mallorca's enduring appeal and global reputation in luxury travel circles.