An open letter to the President of the Balearic Government, Sr. Francesc Antich from the Centro Canino International in Palma.

Dear Sir, may I beg a little of your valuable time to draw your attention to the situation in which the Centro Canino Internacional currently finds itself.

We have been in existence at Calle Jesus 21 in Palma since 1973, functioning with legal permissions, and as associates of the Royal Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals in Great Britain, as a centre for abandoned, unwanted, lost, and abused domestic animals.

We have been advised that within a year, the land we rent, together with various commercial premises, at the above address, will be appropriated to convert it into a Green Zone (park area).

We are given to understand that we cannot expect any compensation.
During these years of work as an animal refuge, we have not asked for government funding.
By our own efforts, the support of the Majorquin, Spanish, and international communities; and our dedicated fund-raising committee, we have steadily improved our premises and achieved a very high standard of care and hygiene.

We have established an alternative method to that of mandatory euthanasia of unwanted cats and dogs, by a careful programme to re-home as many healthy animals as possible.

This we have achieved with the help of local radio stations and press of all nationalities, and the reputation we have built up as a caring organisation where both people and animals are sympathetically received.
Our records show for example that over the past ten years we have re-homed more than 20'000 dogs and 15'000 cats.
We consider we have faithfully performed a free service for the city of Palma, and indeed, for all this island, our adopted home.
We consider we have helped to educate the public in the treatment and care of the domestic animals which so widely share our lives.
We are very privileged to have worked all these years with a group of dedicated Mallorquin and Spanish veterinarians, who have been and are at our disposal at all times, who respect what we do, and who agree that we have learnt from each other.

We are a registered charity, not a business, staffed entirely by dedicated volunteers, and although self-supporting, have needed to spend our money on constant necessary improvements and maintenance.

We would need help to relocate.
Public opinion indicated that we fulfil a need here, and that for the Centro Canino Internacional to disappear, would indeed be a retrograde step in a caring community.

We humans do, after all, share this planet with the animal kingdom. We alone are responsible for their welfare.
Mr President, we warmly welcome you to visit us at the Centro Canino Internacional and see for yourself the work we do for the animals we love on this beautiful island, which has become our home.

Yours Sincerely
Barbara Mayhew
President Centro Canino Internacional
(The Jane Reynolds Foundation)
Calle Jesus, 21
Palma de Mallorca
A copy of this letter will be sent to the Francesc Antich and to the Mayor of Palma Joan Fageda for their consideration.