Dear Sir, hundreds of animal lovers must have been dismayed by the crisis facing the animal shelter and its hapless residents and every one, it seems, is wracking their brains to find ways of raising money to save them. Watching TV the other night I noticed that in the UK the Pets Dispensary for Sick Animals is running a scheme in which people are invitd to “adopt” a dog. Not adopt in the sense of taking it home with them but simply undertaking to make a regular contribution to its board and lodging and paying it the occasional visit if desired.

I wonder whether the idea could be adapted for use here.
There must be dozens, possibly hundreds, of people who would adopt a stray were it not for the fact that an apartment is rarely an ideal home for anything but the smallest model of canine, while others are disqualified by a life style which takes them off the island frequently. “Adoption” might be the next best thing.

The banks might not like standing orders for as little as, say 1'000 pesetas a month, but I am sure supporters of the animal shelter could collectively do the necessary arm twisting.

Amateur photographers could provide pix of the beneficiaries for their adopted guardians and there is surely enough unused computer power on the island to compile the necessary database.

In the absence of some sort of continuing club I have a feeling that, like all deserving causes, stray dogs and mogs will occupy the limelight for a couple of weeks then fade into oblivion.

Sincerely, Mike Kernahan,