Dear Sir, it never ceases to amaze me, how some people can see things through such “rose-coloured” glasses. Ray Fleming's recent “Viewpoint” on all things Blair and Labour party related, whilst showing he is a keen disciple, does go over-the-top at times. He sees Blair's reaction (and of course his sidekicks), as ”authoritative” and ”decisive”, missing the whole point of the spontaneous protests that led to the fuel crisis, that the government were indifferent, arrogant, and out of touch with the population they were elected to represent and serve.

Mr Fleming can even interpret Blair's sweaty shirt as “honest labour” whereas in fact it was probably that nervous sweat that builds up with the apprehension at a conference where he has the fuel crisis, the dome, and pensions amongst other matters to explain, plus the drop in popularity ratings.

There is nothing like a ”dedicated follower”, but Mr Fleming when writing on all things political, might better present a balanced viewpoint - it makes for better reading!

Yours sincerely, Graham Phillips