A British news agency report yesterday said, and I quote “sun-tanned British pensioners are demanding the cold weather allowance from the British government.” After a day like yesterday, in Majorca, I doubt whether there are many sun-tanned pensioners about, but if there are, best of luck to them.
I had another similar experience involving a top British Sunday newspaper. I mentioned to one of their reporters a story about a group of pensioners in Minorca and he replied “no-one back home is interested because they are living in the sun.” Now that Chancellor Gordon Brown has changed the ruling which effectively means that pensioners can claim the allowance whatever the weather I see no reason why OAPs living in the Balearics should not receive this additional winter funding. Yes, there is a discrimination. If you are eligible for a state pension then you should be eligible for other payments. Heating bills in Majorca, like in Britain are very high. So if there is money for the Millenium Dome then there should be money for expatriate pensioners because they have probably contributed a lot more to their country and they deserve some comfort.

Jason Moore