Dear Sir, I agree with the other correspondents that travellers needing assistance are treated disgracefully. Arriving about six times a year, we rarely found the ordered buggy or wheel chair on arrival. Once having been told to wait, we found ourselves locked in the catwalk area as the exit had been shut after the ”last” passenger had passed through. Struggling on foot in despair towards the luggage conveyors we often see empty buggies whizzing by propelled by employees who refuse to help - as do all other uniformed bodies. Now as my husband's mobility has slightly improved, he has given up the struggle for help. He prefers to arrive exhausted to being left uncollected. On departure, treatment seems to depend on the airline. Most send you with a ticket to the “buggy” kiosk upstairs on the left, where you usually fight to get on a buggy. However, if your check-in counter is on the far right of the airport, the walk to the buggy counter is more than many disabled can manage. Your previous correspondent said a death at the airport would be necessary for improvements to be made. Unfortunately, this has already been the case and nothing changed.

Lily C. Reitlinger
Kienberg, Austria