A power cut on a busy Saturday morning at Palma airport. These are things which should not happen. Thousands of millions of pesetas have been ploughed into Palma airport over the last decade. We have one of the most modern airports in the world, we are told. Obviously not. Instead of building an airport which could double as an indoor marathon track perhaps the airport authorities should have added a power-plant which has all necessary back-up facilities. There were some flights to Britain which actually took off 24 hours later than expected. The airport authorities can't just say, Whoops, we are very sorry. It won't happen again. Majorca may have been unlucky this summer but there are clear signs that vital parts of the tourist industry are crying out for more adequate funding. We have an airport which has already been slated by passengers for being far too big. Passengers are asked to walk distances which are almost unheard of. The ceiling leaks. There are no facilities for the disabled. The car park is badly designed. Yes, the new airport has become somewhat of a White Elephant.

The moment that sticks in many people's mind about a holiday is the final moment when they are about to board the plane which will take them home.
Therefore many of the people at Palma airport on Saturday will have a nice reminder of their final moments in Majorca.
I doubt that many will be coming back on holiday to Majorca next summer.