The announcement that Calvia will be increasing its taxes by 10 per cent next year has understandably caused a backlash from residents who quite rightly believe that in some cases the council is squandering funds on unnecessary projects.

But Calvia's 10 per cent rise could just be the start. Building licences are a major source of revenue for councils and the freeze which has been imposed by the local government and Council of Majorca means that for the forseeable future, little building will be taking place in Majorca. Therefore many councils are looking at quite a shortfall in revenue. The Alcudia council has already said that the building freeze will cost council coffers more than five million pounds. I sincerely hope that the council is not planning to pass on its shortfall in funds to the rate-payer. As we have seen many of the projects which are being undertaken at the moment are of little use to the ordinary resident who just wants a decent water supply and an adequate rubbish collection service.

If councils are short of money, then some “good housekeeping” is needed. Costly projects which are of little use should be shelved until the necessary funds are available. The rate-payer is not a bottomless pit of money which can be further exploited in times of funding problems.

Jason Moore