Dear Sir, After just reading today's paper I read Russ Jones' letter regarding smoking. In the UK smoking is frowned upon though many smoke, but the non smoking lobby is working because of the Chancellor's determined effort to keep the price of cigarettes up high. The reason why so many in Mallorca smoke is quite straight forward: the cost! Ducados are very cheap! For the price of 20 cigarettes in Britain you can buy at least 30-40 in Spain! Most of Europe seems to be a smokers paradise, because of the liberal attitude there is regarding smoking. I admit that when I arrive on the island I smile, as the first thing I smell are Ducados or something the same! Yet I am a non smoker, it evokes memories of a wonderful childhood on the island but I am mortified at the numbers of people that do smoke. Would it not be wise for the governments to embark on an education process and aim it for the younger generation? Start making places non smoking and do actually carry out fines for when people do light up: I have been to many places where there are signs saying no smoking but people are smoking! In California they have gone to the other extreme which I find as silly. Educate the masses of smokers that are in Europe, make them feel they make a conscious decision for themselves and not being bullied into not smoking, if they know the benefits surely they can make an adult decision to quit?

Susan Taylor