Dear Sir,
After reading Ray Fleming's letter regarding the Guardian's report about abolishing the monarchy, I felt I should reply.
Firstly, Edward is simply cashing in with his connections.
His company doesn't make money at all as it is not very good at what it does, in fact if it wasn't for the American market that adores as much nonsense on the Royals I am sure it would have gone bankrupt.

In fact it transpires his company with or without his knowledge were paying St. Andrews students 50 pounds per head to LIE about Prince William and pretend this was being done six months ahead of time! There is nothing wrong with Edward and Sophie working for a living, in fact more members of the Royals should do so, but should have their privy purse stopped and have to become self sufficient. Viscount Linley manages to be a member of the Royals & run his company & he does so quite discretely, maybe Edward should talk to his cousin about how this is done.

I don't think a republic would be an answer, who are we to have President Blair?
President Ian Duncan– Smith?
Heaven help us all! Maybe the house of Windsor needs to stock take, but to abolish one of the biggest money spinners of all time would be wrong, it didn't work the first time around in the time of Cromwell, so why would it work now?

The Queen cannot be taken to task over Edward, though she can do as any mother do : quick tap round the 'lugs'! They can get rid of the dead wood and keep those that work for a living & who earn that privy purse.

Yours truly

Susan Taylor. Via E mail