The leader of the Council of Majorca, Maria Antonia Munar, has proposed to limit the number of immigrants coming to the Balearics in search of employment and a better life. She said that a quota system should be introduced. Munar's nationalist views appear to be growing and sometimes you feel that she has a little islander vision of Majorca.

Her system of government appears to be for the Majorcans, by the Majorcans. I don't think these attitudes have any place in a modern-day society, especially on an island as cosmopolitan as Majorca which is reliant on income from abroad. Munar must remember that Majorca forms part of the European Union and in just under 70 days we will have a currency which is standard to much of western Europe. Naturally, one of her tasks as President of the Council of Majorca is to look after the well-being of people who live in Majorca and in that group I include everyone. The thousands of immigrant workers who have come to the Balearics over the last five years have found a place in Majorcan society and are playing a key role. It is Munar's task to make sure that they receive proper wages, that they pay social security and are not exploited. Many have come here, like thousands of others from northern Europe, in search of a new and better life. Her Council has a role to play in making sure that everyone gets a fair deal. This is the task her team should be working-on and not other useless policies such as quota systems and the like. Making people feel at home helps integration talk of quotas and other restrictive policies just creates rifts and bad feeling.

Jason Moore