I have always been a firm supporter of David Blunkett and consider that he is one of the better ministers in Tony Blair's cabinet. I also approve of his no nonsense attitude and his deep affection for Majorca. Just last summer he gave a long interview to the Bulletin in which he spoke about his projects, his fears and his plans for the future. For that I am also very grateful. But I don't believe that he should be in Majorca at the moment. His place is back in London, leading the fight against terrorism on the home front and giving the British general public assurances that all is well. Just hours before boarding his flight to Majorca he dismissed public fears over anthrax which have been heightened following the recent developments in Florida. I understand that he needs to clear his head...but surely he can do so at his desk in Westminster. Mr. Blunkett, as you know, you are always welcome in Majorca but now is not the moment. With Tony Blair away trying to keep the international coalition together you are needed back at home...not in Majorca. In more happier times I would be the first to say that you deserve all Majorca can give you and more...but not now.

Jason Moore