Dear Sir, I was delighted when I arrived on the island three days ago to find that the Balearic Symphony Orchestra was giving a concert last night (Thursday, 18 October), a programme to celebrate the 100th birthday of Verdi.

Readers of your newspaper will know that I am a great admirer of the Balearic Symphony Orchestra.
I know that they are capable of playing to a very high standard.
Unfortunately, last year there were problems, but these were due to bad administration, and the fact that they had no principal conductor.
Hopefully, these are now all behind us, but the concert last night was superb, and the orchestra played to its highest capability under the direction of Francesc Bonnin.

He manipulated the orchestra so well, and they responded magnificently.
The soloist singers were very good and anyone who did not attend last night's concert, and sadly there were a few empty seats, missed out on a most enjoyable evening.

Let us hope that with a new principal conductor, Geoffrey Simon, we can go back to the high standards which were the legacy left by Salvador Brotons during his three-year stewardship of the BSO.

Good luck to the orchestra in the coming season and I certainly look forward to attending some of the concerts when I am back on the island.
Yours, Brian M. Griffiths