Dear Madam,
I am finding great difficulty in discovering the phone numbers of taxis with side or rear loading ramps for the minusvalidos and hope that you will be able to suggest a few. I have asked the tourist office, the Co-ordinador, but neither were able to help me. I get quite a few requests from tourists coming to Mallorca and would appreciate a central contact phone number which they can ring to book, in English, such a taxi to meet them at the airport.

Yours faithfully

John Kitchen

Dear John Kitchen
We at IBATUR, and those in the tourist industry, are fully aware that a large number of disabled people visit the Balearics every year. We strive, therefore, to provide the ways and means to ensure that their visits are as enjoyable and trouble free as possible. As for taxi services for invalids or disabled people, it is strongly recommended that the central number (963 571 313) is used for advance bookings for specially adapted vehicles.

Dear Tiffany
I have been trying to open a ”Hotel de Interior” for nearly three years now. I have been plagued with useless gestors, less than honest technical engineers and the whole range of dreadful workman.My paperwork is still in the early stages and I need some help!I thought that Mallorca was trying to promote this type of small personal hotel and yet every step is a struggle. Can you give me some advice or perhaps somebody that I could contact who may be able to assist me. Any ideas would be hugely appreciated!

Suzanne Slater

Dear Suzanne Slater
The agroturismo concept has worked well in Mallorca, and has helped develop a new segment of the tourist market, providing a facility for those who enjoy experiencing the unique atmosphere that these small intimate hotels offer in rural and local areas of special interest. I am sorry to hear of Suzanne Slater's experience in developing her own hotel of this type, and would therefore suggest, for advice and assistance, she contacts the Consuelo Lopez, Direcion de Ordenacion, Department – Agroturismo, Conselleria de Turisme on 971 176191

Dear Tiffany Blackman
After a great many years in Mallorca, I cannot under stand why the “powers that be” have not seriously and comprehensively exploited the market in respect of off-season (1 Nov - 31 Mar) huge potential for Northern European groups to hold conferences here. Just taking the U.K. as an example, places like Blackpool, Bournemouth, Brighton etc. are full with delegates staying in hotels for everything from political parties, to business company's conferences, seminars etc. It is a tragic waste of potential, with luxury hotels here, in or near the capital, such as the Vaparaiso, Son Vida etc. possibly half empty (or more) in the off season, with a sophisticated city nearby like Palma, 20 days of sun average per winter month, golf, sailing etc. all close to hand. Also these visitors would spend really “serious” money when here, and return flights would probably cost no more than a UK first class return rail ticket, and with more hope of arriving on time.

Yours sincerely

Graham Phillips

Dear Mr Phillips,
I agree entirely with your comments. Conferences, exhibitions and events are already an important aspect of tourism, and will continue to offer considerable potential for those operating in the industry. With its excellent facilities, the Balearics Islands are well placed to provide for this market, and are determined to ensure that they get their share of this business, whether it originates in Northern Europe or mainland Spain. In fact we are targeting Norway, Sweden, Denmark and Finland in April with a roadshow to promote this particular market. Much of our infrastructure to satisfy this market is in place, and is being further developed.

Now that SAS are introducing more flights to Mallorca from these countries, our task will be made easier. We feel that the conference and incentive market is of huge importance to the island which is why we have created an independent brand which addresses this specialist market. It is entitled “Convencions i reunions.” To maximise the potential, however, we have to aggressively sell ourselves – the competition is considerable – and to work closely with those on whom it depends – particularly airlines and hotels – that services in the winter months are maintained and that we mean business.