Dear Sir,
The sewage incident in Sa Coma sums up what has happened to Majorca – uncontrolled, mindless over–expansion with no thought as to what infrastructure should underpin it. There does now appear to be a government in Majorca ready to challenge the greedy, small minded business interests who have so despoiled Majorca in order to boost their own bank balances. Long may they take on the whinging Chamber of Commerce. Greenpeace is watching...

When the resort of Sa Coma was being built in the 1980s there was a unique opportunity to create a model resort, learning from the mistakes of the past. What happened––local vested interests put up monstrosities.

The late Sir Harry Seccombe, a great friend of the Island commented on a TV programme “Sa Coma is nothing but a concrete jungle”. The jungle has now been despoiled by sewage. Is there such a thing as divine retribution.?

Dr D G Lewis. Cardiff

The fly invasion

Dear Sir, At the risk of sounding like yet another whinger, I want to say that for the second year here in Calvia village we are suffering from a plague of flies. Last year I tried, without success, to bring this to the notice of Calvia council. Is there a tip that is a breeding ground? Who knows, but it is increasingly difficult to enjoy sitting in the garden or swimming in the pool.

Despite having purchased very effective fly catchers, which fill up within a week, a process which in normal conditions should take a total of six weeks, we find it impossible to eat outdoors.

The simple pleasures of life are being denied us, and I feel that it is high time that this problem was addressed, after all we pay our taxes promptly, so how about a little co–operation from our ayuntamiento?

Wendy Peters. Calvia

Fouling the resorts

Dear Sir,
In you letter pages someone wrote about the problem of dogs fouling the streets. We too found this a nuisance. What's more the state of the pavements is deplorable. There were two injuries in our hotel as a result of people falling and we witnessed an elderly chap fall in the centre of Puerto Pollensa landing on both knees and hurting himself.

Terry Stevens. Essex